I vividly

recall sitting in the back of a bar while in college talking with a friend who was next going to work for Taylor as she launched her brand, Coco Shop.

I have been an enormous fan of Coco Shop and Taylor Simmons for the longest time. It’s been a dream to collaborate with her and bring you your summer uniform.


LW x Coco Shop Tablecloth Bernadette Homeware

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Last Summer,

while pregnant with baby Ralph, I missed out on wearing the tunic top and shorts. This season brought the opportunity to return these silhouettes to the shop in a fresh way. I selected a classic floral pattern for our favorite ‘girly-girls’ and a nostalgic beige checkerboard pattern for our ‘retro girls’. I adore this outfit as it gives you the option to skew more feminine or modern depending on your mood of the moment.

My favorite way to wear it?

Mixed. Perhaps I’m biased, but I’d buy both sets so I can get dressed depending on my mood. *Cue Confessions of a Shopaholic*

Coco Shop

is notable for its manufacturing techniques. The fabric is printed bespoke in the U.S. on 100% cotton. Then, the textile is sent to Antiqua where Island natives hand-sew each style and size according to order. Coco Shop strikes a balance between both sustainable and exclusive.

Our Lé Weekend Collection is no exception: expect extremely limited quantities of these inspired pieces.

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As we celebrate Summer

and the many soirees, we decided not to limit ourselves to simply a set –– we dreamt up warm-weather-inspired table linens to encourage you to dress your table with the same excitement as yourself. Designed to spice up your cocktail hour, dress your table and say cheers to making life a little easier. 

This collection has been a longtime dream of mine – and I’m on cloud nine to share it with you all.

We hope you wear this during your most memorable moments of summer – and all lé weekend long.


LW x Coco Shop Floral Tunic Top + Classic Shorts